Solutions To Online Marketing That Work

The marketing stuff that used to work to grow your business is returning ever decreasing results. 

The internet has seriously disrupted many industries.

So, what do you do now?  I offer practical, low-cost, easy-to-implement solutions that work.

I have been a marketer for over three decades and seen the evolution of marketing styles and activities that work and don’t work. And the change is accelerating.

Crossing many industries, I co-founded and franchised a chain of retail stores, set up a pharmacy group, was CEO of a tourism operation and have worked extensively in the professional services sector.

“What used to work is the thing that will put you out of business.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


How do you compete in the internet dominated world? 

I present fast-paced, informative keynote addresses and workshops, loaded with low-cost easy-to-implement ideas that market your business. With touches of humour throughout, they are deigned to explain how to grow, and how to find your point of difference in our internet dominated world.

Each presentation is fully personalised to the audience. I do not have any ‘cookie-cutter’ speeches or workshops. I will meet beforehand (in person if practicable) with you to determine the challenges and fears of your group, then address these at the conference or workshop. 

Available for keynote addresses, interactive workshops and roadshows.


“Content is king!”

What does this mean? It means finding ways to find and keep customers or clients is hard work and you must constantly be adding value to their lives. 

Paul writes newsletters and blog posts, scripts promotional videos, creates added-value items and writes promotional material.


What works now? 

Should I do Facebook? Is radio still worthwhile? Does anyone still read the press? Should I put money into improving my Google search rankings? Do I need a website? How do I compete with online stores? How do I stand out in the crowd? 

Good questions that all my clients ask and that I can answer for you. 


Growing a business ain't like it used to be. I have owned, franchised and consulted on business growth for over 3 decades. Over time this time it is clear to me that getting the basics right in your industry, focusing on becoming famous in your chosen nice, and then understanding new technologies as friends and not the enemy is the key. I have published these principles in the books below:

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Never use 'One Stop Shop' in your marketing

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